Meet our family

Hi! My name is Sharine and I am mother to Makayla (16) and Breanna (18 months). My husband (Scott) and I were married in December 2010 and we live in Tacoma, WA. As of right now, I am a stay at home mom. I graduated nursing school in August, 2012 and had to pass the State Boards to get my RN license which I did in February, 2013. I am currently looking for a residency nurse position in one of the local hospitals but for the time being I enjoy my days playing, learning, and laughing with Breanna. I love crafting, although I am a beginner at most things. I have made multiple scrapbooks documenting Brea’s life so far. I also enjoy sewing (I have made one dress so far for Brea and I am working on making a busy book for her with felt pages and buckles, zippers, beads, and Velcro). I like to crochet, again I am just a beginner, but I made a pumpkin hat for Brea since she was due on Halloween. I also like to go to the beach and go camping.

Seaside, OR April 2013

Seaside, OR April 2013


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