Memorial day weekend day 2

There was a very big minus tide and it was around 8:30am so we got up early Saturday morning and got stuff ready to go. We drove to Salt creek which is just past Port Angeles (Breanna was not very happy about how long the car ride was). We got out and looked at the tide pools. Breanna held a small crab in her hand and watched a dog play in the water. She had her rain boots on and splashed in the puddles. Then we drove to the Olympic Game farm. Brea loved sitting in the front seat and watching the animals. She even threw out some of the bread to feed the animals. It was funny because she was playing with buttons on the door when a yak came up and stuck his head halfway in the car. She didn’t notice at first and when we finally got her attention she looked up and jumped when she saw the yak. After the game farm, we went to Sequim and walked around, there was a farmers market going on and we went in to some of the stores.


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