Trip to Dallas

To celebrate my birthday this year, Scott booked a trip for us to fly out and see Shawn in Dallas. Makayla came up on the train on Thursday after her last day of school. We flew out early Friday morning and we got in around dinner time. We were ready for some delicious southern food so we had BBQ at Rudy’s…yummy! Then on Saturday we went to Fort Worth and visited the stockyards. There was a cattle drive when we first got there, we went through a maze, checked out Billy Bobs, had hamburgers and milkshakes and shopped some of the souvenir stores. Sunday we visited the JFK memorial (very eerie but interesting seeing where JFK was shot. They have the spot on the road marked with an X and the place where Lee Harvey Oswald shot him at left just as it was with glass around it. The building was a school book depository). Then we drove to Lewisville lake and enjoyed the sun and splashed around in the warm water. On Monday we went to Six Flags and had a blast riding rides and playing games. Tuesday before we left we took the trolley to a nearby park and let Breanna play before we had to catch a plane back to Seattle. It was nice getting some hot weather in before returning to the rain!


Verbal Explosion

Breanna is 19 months old now and up until this point she hasn’t really formed any real words, just babble. Now all of a sudden she is repeating quite a few things we ask her to. Some of the words she is using now are sock, shoe, no, sissy, please, thank you, more, out, off, daddy, ma, nonna, nonno, hi, bye-bye, bird, ball, elmo, and cheese. Most of the signs she was using are now replaced by words but some of the signs she still uses are: all done and hungry. She’s also starting to mimic some of the hand motions in the songs we sing such as patty cake, itsy bitsy spider, three little monkeys, and the elephant song. This picture, by the way, is a picture of Breanna eating her first bowl of cereal with milk