Toddler activities

This website gives a list of 101 toddler activities that are pretty basic but helpful when you are trying to think of something to do.

Craft type activities:
1. Ocean in a bottle

2. Toddler dot to dot

3. Sticky paper collage

4. Window painting

5. Toddler lacing

6. Threading pipe cleaners

7. Hanging the alphabet (or colors)

8. Dropping popsicle sticks in a container

9. Filling a jar

10. Putting caps and pompoms in a container

11. Fish for magnets in a bathtub using a small fishing pole with a magnet on the end

12. Edible finger paints

13. Toss bean bags into a laundry basket

14. Wash the dishes using a small bin, play dishes and a sponge

15. Make a bracelet with cut up straws

16. Use kitchen tongs and practice picking things up

17. Build with popsicle sticks and Velcro

18. Put washable finger paints with water in a water bottle and let them spray things outside

19. Make a sensory bag

20. Squeezy sidewalk chalk

21. Make a ball maze

22. Finger painting in a Ziploc

23. Play balloon paddle ball

24. Build a fort

25. Have a tea party with stuffed animals and babies

26. Kiddy car wash

27. Put stickers on a paper



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