Breanna at 21 months

Up to this point Breanna hasn’t really been interested in TV shows at all. I won’t let her watch too much TV but the shows she loves to watch are Mickey Mouse clubhouse and Sesame Street. When she wants to watch Sesame Street she will say “Elmo” over and over. When she wants to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse she will say “Meeshah” over and over. She will refer to both minnie and mickey when she sees them in the store as “Meeshah”. I think she gets this from when they say “Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse” on the show. She is also obsessed with playing with our iphones. She has toddler games and Disney jr on there and she loves to watch “meeshah” on the phone as well as play her games. Looking at pictures and watching videos of herself is also one of her favorite things to do on the phone.

Its summer now so there’s lot to do outside. We don’t have much of a yard in this house so we play on the deck. Breanna loves playing “owwsy” (outside). Probably her favorite things to do is blow bubbles or “bubbufs” as she calls them. She also loves playing in the water. We have two sand and water tables. One has just sand (which we keep downstairs in the garage) and the other we keep just water in upstairs on the deck. We also have a small pool we put out on the deck with a little slide going into it. She has played with both the water table and the pool almost everyday this summer.

Breanna is also really liking her baby dolls lately. We have to take baby everywhere we go. I think I will probably get her some baby clothes and diapers for her birthday or Christmas. I bought her a pajama set that is has a matching nightgown for her and her babydoll. She loves wearing this nightgown and loves to put the matching one on her baby.

She all of her baby teeth other than her two year molars and her hair is getting pretty long. She hasn’t had a haircut at all yet but I think I might take her in soon to get her hair evened out.


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